Jan 11, 2023

Sunshine Recovery House is sad to announce that we have closed our social enterprise, Unshakeable Milkshakes. The decision to close the milkshake stand was made due to rising costs that have made it difficult to sustain the business. We are very thankful to the community for its support of Unshakeable Milkshakes over the years.

Despite the disappointment of having to close down Unshakeable Milkshakes, Sunshine Recovery House remains committed to our mission of supporting women in recovery. We ask the community for support and to help us continue to make a positive impact on the lives of women struggling with addiction.

Please pray with us as we explore new solutions to bring income into the House to support our residents. If you find it in your heart to become a monthly supporter of Sunshine Recovery House or give a one time donation we would be eternally grateful.

Thank you all so much.